put on one of my plays

go to Samuel French below and click "Request a License:"

Samuel French

If you're a professional or international company looking to put up one of my plays,
please get in touch with my agent, Emma Fiewel.


start your own theater company:

I was part of a playwrights' collective called 13P and we produced 13 Plays
by thirteen playwrights, each of us acting as artistic director.
We created a documentary to help like-minded people do the same thing.


A People's History of 13P from 13Playwrights Inc on Vimeo.



survive life as a playwright (some useful links):

I assume that some of you on this website are looking to put up plays,
but some of you might be playwrights trying to create your own life in the theater.
The following books or organizations are wonderful; some are even essential.
Dramatist Sourcebook
New Dramatists
Dramatist Guild
The Writer's Room
The Lilly Awards
The Susan Smith Blackburn Award
A Room of Her Own Foundation