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1) A woman—SHE--in her mid-forties. Plays the role of Ada Wilcox.

2) A man—HE--his mid-forties. Plays the role of Johnny Lowell.

3) A director, Adrian Schwalbach.

4) Kevin, the reader, also plays the understudy and the doctor and the butler

5) The Husband

6) Angela--An actress in her early twenties who can believably play a teenager—plays the maid in act 1 and Angela in act 2

7) An actress in her late twenties or early thirties, plays Millicent in act 1 and Laurie in act 2




The set has three modes which should easily transform.


A red curtain would be nice to set off the plays within plays.


1) A raw theater space (emptiness)

2) A 1930s stage set (artifice happy to be artifice)

3) A naturalistically messy east village apartment, as real as possible (artifice ashamed of its own artifice)

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