Mary, always late and always married, meets a lady cowboy named Red who teaches her how to ride a horse. Red exudes a taste of freedom that Mary didn't even know she lacked, and is suddenly desperate to find. Late, a Cowboy Song, is the story of one woman's education and her search to find true love outside the box.

Late, A Cowboy Song premiered in 2003 at Clubbed Thumb in New York City. 

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A song from the Clubbed Thumb Production of Late, A Cowboy Song.
Sung by Addie Johnson, music by Michael Escamilla.




CRICK: Charming, fragile, and child-like.
MARY: Keeps her journal locked.
RED: She’s no cowgirl, she’s a cowboy. 

Note: Red talks slow. Crick talks fast. Mary’s somewhere in the middle. Crick, Mary and Red need not be any particular race or ethnicity.


A version of Pittsburgh.
A silhouette of a messy kitchen.
An image of the Marlboro Man hovers in the distance against blue light. 

This play is for all the lady cowboys of heart and mind who ride outside the city limits of convention. Special thanks to Paula and Anne. And Peggy Munson.

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