Demeter in the City


For Cornerstone Theater


by Sarah Ruhl

and writing by the women at Shields, students at King Drew high school, the Cornerstone Theater ensemble, Los Angeles social workers, students from Mecha at Cal State Northridge, the Bruin Young Republicans from UCLA and other twenty year olds in Los Angeles…




This play was written differently than any of my other plays; it was written by and for different communities of people in Los Angeles; in some cases, I was just a scribe, and set their stories down. Most of the stories come from women at a program called Shields, for at-risk women trying to get their children back from the Department of Children and Family Services. The play was a commission for Cornerstone Theater’s twentieth anniversary, and used the Cornerstone methodology of having story circles that engaged communities of writers, then presented the play with professional actors and actors from those communities.

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