A dark contemporary comedy  follows Becky, a modern-day descendant of accused witch Rebecca Nurse in Salem. Becky, who works at the local witch museum, seems to be dogged by bad luck. Is it a curse from her past? Or her inability to navigate her present? Looking for love and redemption through spells, pills, and a bartender named Bob, Becky is a contemporary pilgrim for the Lock Her Up era. A play about the legacy of misogyny, witchcraft, and even Arthur Miller, Becky Nurse is a truth-teller for our times. 

Becky Nurse of Salem premiered in 2019 at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley, CA, directed by Anne Kauffman. It premiered off-Broadway in 2022 at Lincoln Center Theater, directed by Rebecca Taichman and starring Dierdre O'Connell.


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