Dead Man's Cell Phone

Le Moyne College

In the fall of 2013, the cast and crew of Le Moyne College's production of Dead Man's Cell Phone were selected to attend the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. In January of 2014, they remounted the performance for this festival.
Presented at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
January 2014

Director: Matt Chiorini
Assistant Director: Travis Milliman
Stage Manager: Emily Piraino
Assistant Stage Managers: Rachel McVicar, Bridget Kenney, Nick Jarmak
Light Designer: Johnny Czajkowski
Light Operator: Ahmed Telfair
Sound Operator: Jace Biedekapp
Graphic Design: Kimberly Grader, Taylor Glausen
Dressers: Katie Stomps, Kimberly Grader
Set Design: Karel Blakeley
Technical Director: Jason Grasso
Fight Choreographer: Felix Ivanov

Jean: Natasia White
Gordon: Jim Maxwell
Mrs. Gottlieb: Jessie Gherardi
Other woman/Stranger: Taylor Bigelow
Dwight: Ryan Bannen
Hermia: Kayla Graham
Ensemble: Marie Sugio, Drew Gripe, Chelsea Powell, Paul Gamble, Brittany Fayle, Aaron Leechalad