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 Lane, a doctor, a woman in her early fifties. She wears white.

Matilde, Lane’s cleaning lady, a woman in her late twenties. She wears black.  She is Brazilian. She has a refined sense of deadpan.

Virginia, Lane’s sister, a woman in her late fifties.

Charles, Lane’s husband, a man in his fifties. A compassionate surgeon. He is child like underneath his white coat. In the first Act, Charles plays Matilde’s father.

Ana, a woman who is older than Lane*. She is Argentinean. She is impossibly charismatic. In the first Act she plays Matilde’s mother.

 *Ana is named as sixty-seven within the dialogue. This number may be changed from production to production if need be.


Everyone in this play should be able to tell a really good joke.


A white living room.
White couch, white vase, white lamp, white rug.

A balcony.  


A metaphysical Connecticut. Or, a house that is not far from the city and not far from the sea.

1. Matilde

Matilde tells a long joke in Portuguese to the audience.
We can tell she is telling a joke even though we might not understand the language.
She finishes the joke.
She exits.

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