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60. On watching the Olympics and Greek Drama

When recently watching the winter Olympics, I noticed that individual sports like figure skating and speed skating and skiing seem to require (at least in the eyes of television producers) back-story and narrative. Between the sporting events, we see endless tales of the parents of the athlete, the home of the athlete, and we come to identify closely with the speed skater who was locked in a shack in the country by his ambitious father. Group sports like hockey do not appear to require a back-story, or a tale about the coming into being of the individual players. The conflict is clear and so is the group blood lust (which seems Dionysian in form). The present moment of the battle is enough. I wonder what this means for the Aristotelian arc and plays without protagonists (The Weavers, for example) and the historic individuation of character from the chorus, from Aeschylus to Sophocles? I have no idea, some other person must complete this essay while I watch ice dancing.

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