one hundred essays I don't have time to write*

*Please consider these essays as starting points. Consider them starting points for someone else to finish.

13. Subtext to the left of the work not underneath the work

If you’re acting in play of mine, and I say this full of love for you, please, if you will, don’t think one thing and then say another thing. Think the thing you are saying. Do not think of the language of the play as a cover or deception for your actual true hidden feelings which you’ve felt compelled to invent for yourself. Don’t create a bridge between you and the impulse for the language—erase the boundary between the two. Think of subtext as to the left of the language and not underneath it. There is no deception or ulterior motive or “cover” about the language. There are, instead, pools of silence and the unsayable to the left or to the right or even above the language. The unsayable in an ideal world hovers above the language rather than below. Think of the word hover over and above the word cover. Perhaps it is because I am from the Midwest but I think it is almost ontologically impossible to truly think one thing while saying another thing. It creates an acting muddle in the theater and a sociopath in life.

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